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About Us

The primary tasks of the General Service Division are to provide services related to the support of teaching and administrative affairs of the university which cover a broad array of different aspects. Currently the General Service Division is divided into the Management Subsection, the Cleanliness Subsection, and the Traffic Subsection and the businesses covered include the following 7 major categories :

(1)Site loans and management (including  Conference Rooms I, II, III, IV of the administrative building, temporary exhibition booths, NTU Theatre, and outdoor sites).
(2)Cleaning campus environment.
(3)Greening and beautification of campus environment.
(4)Waste/garbage sorting and recycling.
(5)Parking space planning for all cars, motorcycles, and bicycles of the Main Campus.
(6) Planning of campus traffic.
(7)Parking lot management and fees collection.

Work ideas and development of the General Service Division :

(1)Establishing good affairs system and achieving concrete results for the execution of each project.
(2)Employing sufficient and adequate manpower and creating a diversified environment for learning and activities that is well-balanced between humanity and technology.
(3)Making future structural transformation with insight, taking into account the overall planning and planning in advance.

The General Service Division expects to establish an excellent environment to allow the teaching and research to carry out smoothly and realize the goal of making the university a top one in the world.